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external select no longer working on web survey

Question asked by eva.salinas1 on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by eva.salinas1

I have a survey that has both a webpage component and mobile phone component which both feed into the same back end. We published our last updates in August 2018 and in early november we received reports of the web app no longer having proper functionality. 


the issue seems to be that the webapp is not properly accessing the external select list in the excel spreadsheet while this still works fine in the mobile app / survey connect/ survey 123 for arcgis.


if you need any clarity feel free to ask -- i really want to figure out how to get the web survey back up and running. is there another option if external selects do not work? because the issue is we have to store a lot of data (individual species) and at the creation of the survey the external select route allowed for the app to run smoothly without lag.  


Edit: The external select functionality in teh webform works using survey 123 ver 2.5.44, but the webform published using 3.1.126 version the functionality is broken.