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Adding 'Accept Terms and Conditions' to a survey

Question asked by on Jan 15, 2019
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Ideas required ...


I have a survey which is filled out by members of the public.  Once finished they need to read and agree to some Terms and Conditions before the data is submitted.  Simply embedding the Terms as text in the form and adding a yes/no seems to lack the required visual impact, we really want people to see them. 


To be clear, I understand the logic flow of how to present this, which is nicely described here Make a question required conditionally based on answer to previous question . The question is how to create what is essentially a popup in the middle of a survey, something that can't be ignored. 


I did think of putting the T & C text into an image (with strong borders, different background etc) that becomes visible when the last question is reached but doubt it will scale well on different screen sizes as the app is used on phones and tablets.


Has anyone tackled this problem,  how did you solve it?