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Android cannot enter minus sign

Question asked by nRogerGouv on Jan 14, 2019
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I have a field of type Integer and bind::esri:fieldLength set to 3.

2 of my users have reported that they can't enter negative values on that field. (This is important becasue they are reporting temperatures). I can confirm that I can enter negative values on Windows 7 and on an Iphone. But both told me they can't enter any negative sign on their Android device.

Is this a known bug?

Is this related in anyway to the way to Survey123 Android app is programmed? See this link.


Here are the screenshot of both devices when they are trying to enter a minus sign in the field:

Device 1. Question of type Integer:


Device 2. Question of type decimal:

Are asked the user of device 2 to hold the (.-) button, but only the dot appear when doing so.