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Polygon rendered with holes in ArcScene

Question asked by TheDLH on Jan 13, 2019



I am an ArcScene beginner and I am trying to drape vector data and an orthophoto over an DEM in ArcScene. However, in some perspectives, polygons are rendered with holes (the orthophoto is underneath it, so it looks like lakes of orthophoto within the polygon), in other perspectives, it looks ok. I have tried changing the displaying order under effects in the rendering tab, but to now avail. How can I solve this problem?

Also two quick questions: Can I uses hatched lines as polygon fills in ArcScene, if I try it, all the area is filled solid... Can I add a legend to an ArcScene view as in ArcMap?


I have added screenshots:


Settings of the orange polygon

These are the settings of the orange polygon

Thank you!