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Trouble synchronizing edited data from ArcGIS for AutoCAD back to Server

Question asked by jpunzalan on Jan 11, 2019

Some background information on how our GIS is set up:


  • Our GIS data resides within our Oracle Enterprise ArcSDE Geodatabase.
  • We created a version (CAD editor) from the DEFAULT version
  • From there we created another version from the CAD editor version, which we published as a feature service for use in ArcGIS for AutoCAD


We don’t have trouble bringing in or editing our data from the feature service in ArcGIS for AutoCAD, but we are having trouble synchronizing the data back to the CAD editor parent.

Have you ever had an issue synchronizing data that has been edited in ArcGIS for AutoCAD?

Below is the error message we get from attempting a synchronize.