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Assistance in figuring out how create map with different boundaries...

Question asked by vines2014 on Jan 10, 2019

Good afternoon!

I am working as a volunteer for a non-profit organization and I am in the process of creating several maps to visualize their Service Areas & Districts. I will create stand-alone, ArcGIS Online and Dashboard maps.



The service areas are broken down by districts. For example Central Service Area has 5 Districts. The Districts areas/boundaries are arrange by a combination of features including zip codes, cities and counties. 



How do you recommend to visualize these Service Areas and Districts?

How do you recommend to create/symbolize a Service Area with its District that include zip codes, cities and counties?

How do you share the maps in ArcGIS Online to have each District as a layer for each Service Area?


The way I am approaching these maps is to create an individual maps for each Service Area and then create a map with all Service Areas and visualize using a stand-alone, ArcGIS Online and Dashboard maps.


Thanks very much for all the ideas that you can share with me!!! 


Note: It would have been easy if the Service Areas/Districts were defined by zip codes.