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How can I take a beta exam?

Question asked by dougbrowning on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by JPortillo-esristaff

I found the page for beta exams here Early Adopter Community | Esri Early Adopter Program  but when I go to the Early adopter website there are no opportunities for exams.  In fact the only one i see is Survey123.


I am using my personal account as I am not sure on using my govt account right now.


I would like to take the beta to save the money since I am a govt contractor currently on furlough.  (Esri should be running a special for us!)


If I go to Pearson it does let me sign up for the beta exam so do I just do that?   


Also it looks like you can take them at home instead of the test center now?  Has anyone tried this? 


Thanks a lot