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Difficultly Connecting to Database

Question asked by UKOnshore on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2019 by jlhgis_gf

I have a SQL Express setup on a remote machine.  I am able to logon to the remote machine and access SQL databases through ArcCatalog etc. with no problem.


However, I have difficulty accessing the SQL databases from another machine in ArcCatalog etc.  I can see the server instance and a list of databases (although it is slow).  However, when I try to access the database, I get a DBMS server error.


I can access the server and database through SSMS from other machine with no problems.


I am running 10.6.1 on both machines.


As I can access on the remote machine with no issues using the same logon I do not think it is a permission thing and as I can access through SSMS from another machine I do not think ports/firewall are an issue.


Any suggestions on what may be causing the problem?