How to prohibit pyramids from being built during mosaicking ?

Discussion created by mstjernholm on Feb 22, 2011
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I have a high number of "stamps" that I mosaic into a single "contact print" sheet. Although each stamp is fairly small it seems like the mosaicking process slows down and spend more time in creating pyramids as the mosaicked image grows.
It seems to be a superfluous operation to calculate the pyramids when you know that it becomes outdated as soon as the next stamp is merged into the mosaic

I operate with individual mosaic operation in a Python script, but as far as I remember, (at least in 9.3.1 days) the building of pyramids also take place for each loaded image when having a single Mosaic process with multiple input files.

Setting "env.pyramid = "NONE" does unfortunately not help !

I know that I can reduce the processing time a bit by splitting the mosaic process into smaller sub sets which can be mosaicked in the end but I would like to have a more clean solution.