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Survey123 Connect PullData Compound Question

Question asked by jadavis101699 on Jan 8, 2019
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I have created an XLSForm called Meter Change Form (see attached) that employs the use of the pulldata function.  Thanks should go out to James Tedrick for the assist getting me that far.

I have a new consideration or wrinkle that I require assistance.

For example...currently my "pulldata" allows me to type in an old meter number and it auto-populates the corresponding Account Number, Address, Route# and Seq# values.  This is great.

Is it also possible to add a pulldata calculation whereby I type in the Address and it auto-populates the Old Meter Number, Account Number, Route# and Seq# if the user didn't have the old meter number handy?

If would this need to be incorporated into my XLSForm since the calculation records corresponding to these entries are already populated with my other pulldata requests?

Thank you in advance.