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Can I have an image from one image question default as the background for an annotation question in Survey123?

Question asked by anthony.jones_RSK_EPD on Jan 8, 2019
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In a survey I'm currently putting together our users need the ability to annotate a photo they have taken but they would also like to retain the original image. At the moment it seems that in an annotation question only the annotated photo is saved. I thought I could get round this by having a separate photo and annotation question where the original photo defaults as the background for the annotation question but don't know if this is possible? I'm assuming not as is it the case that any image for annotation needs to come from the media folder?


As a workaround I was hoping that the user could simply select the taken image for their background in the annotation question but when selecting the folder it defaults to the photo album and the image is stored in the Survey123 Attachments folder. Is there a way to allow the user access to this folder when selecting the folder option in an image question?