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Question asked by GabrielFM on Jan 7, 2019

I have a script that produces several raster layers (10-20) from a netCDF. 

When I use addLayerToGroup to add the rasters to a group, the layers are duplicated into the group, rather than placed into the group without duplication. According to the docs onliine "The addLayerToGroup method is the only way to add a layer or collection of layers to an existing, empty group layer in a layer file."   



1) How can I select just the layers that weren't added to the group for deletion?

2) Is there a way to go about creating a MakeNetCDFRasterLayer that doesn't add the layer to the contents pane?


Why can't we create a blank group layer using arcpy? It would seem easy to do so and this is desired, since I see StackExchange posts going back to 2011 complaining about this missing feature.