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Hows does the Survey123 Inbox work

Question asked by Stuart.Moore on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2019 by Stuart.Moore

i am trying to understand how the Survey123 inbox works with a where clause


for example if i have a survey that has a few questions and one repeat section and if i have a where clause for the inbox that only shows in-progress surveys.


if i capture 100 surveys and 90 of them have a status of complete and the rest have a status of in-progress, when i go to the inbox and refresh i am guessing it will pull back only the 10 in-progress for the main survey but does it pull back all the records in the repeat section for all 100 surveys or again does it just pull back the ones related to the 10 that are in-progress?


i would assume it pulls back only the ones related to the 10 in-progress


any ideas?