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Cost matrix for the centroids of block groups

Question asked by on Jan 7, 2019
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Hi. I already read the pages related to cost matrix. However, I have not found the answer to my problem. As you can see in the map, I have 136 blue points, which are the centroids of the block groups (beige ones) around my transit line (thick green line). Also, I have got the nodes (pink points) of the links which form transit lines. What I want to do is to get to a cost matrix showing shortest path (in terms of time) between every two centroids. In other words, I want to get a 136 x 136 matrix. I already have the travel times for each link. But, the problem is the centroids are not on the transit line. So, do you suggest me to consider the centroids on the main transit line and calculate the cost matrix with these? If yes, how should I put them on this transit line? Thanks a lot for looking at my question and having your time. Since this is my first time using this site and asking question, I am not sure if I proposed it in the right place.