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Error Code 400 when querying Inbox

Question asked by crick70 on Jan 6, 2019
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Hi All


I have created a Survey123 Form from a hosted feature layer on our 10.6.1 Enterprise Portal.  I want to create a Inbox Filter to only show the last 3 years worth of records based on assessment_date (ASSESSMENT_DATE BETWEEN CURRENT_TIMESTAMP -1095 AND CURRENT_TIMESTAMP).


However when I run this from Survey123 I get a Code 400 Unable to complete operation error.


If I look a the logs in the server, I see the following errors:


Result limit: 50 reached; ignoring any remaining objects in the query result for Layer: FuelHazard.


Error: Function or procedure does not exist [db_zwh9g.hsu_xrdhm.FuelHazard].

Is that related? 


Incidentally in our old 10.3 Portal environment, I had published a service to the Portal where the layer was in our SDE and we edited and queried directly from our enterprise geodatabase, this same filter worked perfectly.  Our new 10.6 environment has been built in the Cloud and we are now unable to edit directly to our internal databases, hence the need to now use a hosted feature layer.