Celebrate 2018 on GeoNet and share your story!

Discussion created by MMathias-esristaff Employee on Jan 4, 2019
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Hi GeoNet Community members,


It was an exciting year on GeoNet and we're putting together a 2018 wrap-up. We want to include your stories, recognize contributions and hear how the GeoNet Community came together this past year to "Be Helpful, Be Human and Be Smart."  Check out the prompts below and share your stories in the comments.  Thanks for sharing and we look forward to seeing your stories and contributions!


  • What were your favorite and most valuable moments on GeoNet in 2018? Share a link to your favorite discussions, questions, replies, blog posts and other memorable moments, and let us know why and how this was valuable to you.


  • Did another community member help you with an issue or provide valuable insight?  Give them a shout out and say “thanks!”


  • Did the community help you move forward on a GIS project this year? Let us know about the project and how the community helped out.