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OD Matrix cost (time) and transfers

Question asked by orlandoandradeb on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by orlandoandradeb

Hello Melinda, thanks for your contributions. I have a doubt that I hope you can help me. There is a video that you uploaded called:  Travel TimeBetweenPoints. Which in  some sense is the grade of accessibility that gives a  particular transit network.


You set up the transit network data set from the GTFS.  When you use the tool OD matrix cost to estimate the time spend from   given point to several destinations arcgis is taking in consideration the transfers? If so it   gives  the optimal route to the destination taking in consideration this transfer?  Because  in many situations there is not way  that from a origin to  many destination you can reach it with just 1 line.  And if argis is taking in consideration the transfer , it adds the  waiting time of the other line  (given by the headway) ?


On the other hand, unfortunately in my city there is not GTFS yet  (we are building it) I see in all cases that in order to create the transit network dataset to analyze  the data  the  software always use GTFS.  Do you know if there is some way to only use shapes?


Thank you.