Batch Point Problem

Discussion created by jameshaniva on Feb 21, 2011
Hi, Gis community,

I am meeting with a problem with ArcHydro. I cannot find a suitable solution from internet. So, I hope anyone can help me.

I am using a Archydro and a DEM to generate a watershed. The steps are:
Fill sinks--flow direction--flow accumulation--stream definition--Add pour point--Generate a Batch point--Subwatershed Delineation.

When I clicked the Yellow X button to generate the Batch point, it would not appear at the right position. I looked more deeply, and found that the coordinates seemed weird. But we definitely never changed anything in the projection and coordination system. However, when I let the students do the same process, more than half succeeded without changing anything. The other half just met with the same problem.

Any one know what the problem is?

Thanks so much for your time.