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Survey123: end survey or gray fields once specific count is reached

Question asked by deleted-user-9EZ2hSQHx042 on Jan 2, 2019
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I have created a pebble counter for stream analysis in Survey123. There are 20 different pebble size spinners (e.g., silt, clay, sand, etc.) and a total count field that sums the pebbles collected across the size classes. Once the total count field sums to 100, I would like the spinners to gray out or stop accepting inputs so that the number of pebbles collected does not exceed 100 and the survey collector knows they are finished. I tried to use the relevant field by setting the pebble size counters to ${total_count}<=100 (meaning, when the total count is less than or equal to 100, remain visible, but when the count exceeds 100, disappear). However, I get the below error message:


"ODK Validate Errors: Something broke the parser. See above for hint. Dependency cycles amongst the xpath expressions in relevant/calculate. Result: Invalid."


Is there a way to have the survey end when it reaches a number of records collected or for fields to stop accepting input? Thanks!


Attached is an excel doc that shows how the XLSForm is set up.