Entering Surveyor and Recorded Deed information for Parcel Editing

Discussion created by david.martin on Dec 31, 2018
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In the past five months I have talked to many of my colleges about how they enter coordinates. They don't. They are provided with cad files or receive the data as per ordered. Also there is the parcel fabric with it's tools. We at Fairfax make the parcels from surveys and deed description as mandated by our board of supervisors. And we are answerable to the public for displaying their properties. With that said. It is important that we are able to enter our own data and proceed from there to create thematic maps, atlases, and web aps.


In production we use NAD83 State Plane Virginia North FIPS 4501, Lambert Conformal Conic, and in special cases convert NAD27 from old deeds. The ESRI web map is in Web Mercator and displays this as a constant at the bottom of the Arc Pro Map View. So to use Arc Pro we have to import ArcMap layers or Survey Dept. AutoCAD files to start a traverse or line work. (query Fairfax County Land Grant, with its ArcPro base map). We have the schedule to start using ArcMap 2.6 and continue to ArcPro for Web applications.


The Python script for COGO Enable allowed line creation but only tangent curves in ARC Pro. But I am confident all this will be addressed in the future but for now we will continue with ArcMap.