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Please Pass this to ESRI's Desktop 10.X Software Dev Team

Question asked by jamosheim on Jan 2, 2019

I have had this outsatnding thing for over a year on  ArcMap Desktop10.5 and have had no suggestions/ideas from ESRI. Need some please. Post Name is, see images that show the issue in the post, Thanks much - John


Old Unresolved Question - Round#2 - Failed to Load Graphics Server


My story ..I have been using ArcGIS 10.5 for a while. Something happened at some point several months ago. The bottom line is that I get a message when I go to properties, then classify, it says the graphics server file cannot be openned by ArcGIS. See screenshots below. I spent like an hour or more with ESRI over the phone trying to solve the thing some months ago w no success, uninstalling and reinstalling the ArcMap software, etc etc. and tons of time on my own trying to find a fix. I did Windows system level registry repair a couple of days ago and that did not do it, I created a new template.mxt and that did not do it either, did almost “bit level” virus check / repair / etc. came empty handed…an old article from ESRI says the problem is caused by a problem with a file called DAO360.dll.