ArcGIS 10 (ArcInfo, Single Use) Authorization "untrusted"

Discussion created by perault on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by narsdani
Recently when I tried to open ArcGIS 10, it said I had a licensing error and would not open (has previously worked fine).  I went in to ArcGIS Administrator and it told me that I had the software installed, but under Authorized, it said "untrusted."  It also had "N/A" under Expires.

So I re-entered my authorization number for ArcInfo and our 4 extensions.  They now run fine again, but I still have the same info (untrusted and N/A), so am wondering if I will run into this problem again.  Why would this have happened in the first place?

Dave Perault
Lynchburg College