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Setting up cascading selects

Question asked by DMAPcoordinator on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by Cimejes

I need to set up a set of cascading selects that narrow down from a Region to Parish (county) to an Area and then to a Habitat type.  Each is a Select One type, no multiple selects involved.  I have the first question set up for region but I can't get the proper parish groups to show up that match the selected region.


Region - 6 choices (city names)

Parish - I only want the parishes that occur in the selected region to be available choices, so there will be six sets, or groups of parishes, and only one parish is selected from that group.

Area - 10 choices (1-10)

Habitat Type - ten choices which are all the same for each possible choice selection, and only one is selected by the user.


I just discovered Survey123 and I think it would be a great tool to use for one of my surveys and am trying to self-learn this.  Most of the help I have found is for more advanced users and not so much for a novice.  Is there any basic instruction available for this?