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Using the Leica LGS format in ArcGIS

Question asked by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Dec 24, 2018

I recently acquired a nice 17GiB LGS file from some of my colleagues in our BIM dept.; and considering how we're exploring various angles of implementing ArcGIS, we also love using pointcloud data. I've got considerable experience working with, for example, the LAS format, but a LGS file is new for me. I managed to display it using the Leica Jetstream Viewer software, and for all intends and purposes (unable to share screenshots here due to sensitivity) it's a normal pointcloud how I'm used to getting them.


The problem is getting the whole stuff in ArcGIS (I'd need to make it a LAS file, but none of the tools I'm familiar with, such as rapidlasso/lastools really "takes it"). We're running ArcGIS Pro 2.2 (I've got access to 2.3 pre-release) with Enterprise 10.6.1; and it's just... not choking it. The file's a bit too large to 'reverse engineer' (though I tried running the regular XYZ scanners and 7z-header scans), and over the Christmas holidays our high-voltage team (who did the survey) are not inhouse as well to ask for other formats... if that's even possible.


I'm wondering if anyone ever had to deal with the LGS format, and found a way to use tools that doesn't require Leica licensing (they give out trials yet somehow hide the license server to place said trial in...) tools... I'm sure a lot of Christmas cheer can be brought