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drivetime zone/firefighters/reactivity time

Question asked by OlivierToubeau on Dec 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by OlivierToubeau

Hi all,


I want to create drivetime zones for our firefighters, starting from different firestations. Some of them are professionnal, so that the trucks are leaving very soon after the call. Some other are volunteer, so the trucks leave later (the time the colleagues come back from their home).


I would like to create split drivetime zones between professionnal and volunteer firestations. So I want to add a "start delay", that would be maybe 1min30 in a professional and 6min in a volunteer firestation. The best way would be to add this start delay as an attribute of the facilities, and to add this start delay at the drive time.


Is it possible ?


I'm using Arcgis Pro, with the benefits of Arcgis Online network dataset.


Thanks in advance !