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Disable Network Topology in a Version

Question asked by BlairServicessLLC on Dec 23, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by BlairServicessLLC

This seems like a bug, but I may be missing something.   Here are the steps I follow:


1.  Change to a new version in my published utility network service.

2.  Find I want to attempt a change that requires network topology to be disabled.

3.  Execute the "Disable Network Topology" GP tool.   This completes successfully.

4.  Want to re-enable so I attempt to "Enable Network Topology"

5.  This results in an error with the message "Operation is only supported on the DEFAULT version"

6.  When I return to the DEFAULT version I see that Network Topology remains enabled, just like I left it.


So it seems its possible to *disable* network topology on a version below DEFAULT but not possible to re-enable it.  If I've missed something any pointers would be much appreciated.