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ArcPro Performance on Maps Migrated from ArcMap

Question asked by joincto on Dec 21, 2018
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Preamble: using ArcPro 2.2 and ArcMap 10.6.1 on a desktop running windows10

                Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.7GHz 2.90 GHz RAM: 16 GB
               Also on a MacBook Pro with Windows10 guest OS with 8G RAM
Have 20 or so maps in ArcMap and have migrated them to a single project in ArcPro. The maps are of, what I would term, moderate complexity. Often they have many layers, but at any point in time most of those layers are turned off. Some of them use Demographic data from Business Analyst (but we do NOT use the BA software -- ony BA datasets). About six months ago I tried this same migration (with Pro 2.1 and Map 10.6) and it failed. This time the migration succeeded, each map taking between one and three minutes to convert. Seemingly, everything OK.......
Now I fire up Pro. It took 13 mins to display any map. The actual time varies somewhat. It can be longer. I attach output from windows Task Manager which seems to show that i/o to the disk is running at 100% (and stays there).
It is with difficulty that I restrain myself from exploding into a stream of expletives. This kind of thing is what I have come to expect with ESRI software. It is just unacceptable that these products are unleahsed onto the user base without proper and exhaustive testing. If indeed Pro was never intended to support having as many as 20 maps in a project then that should be a warning in the documentation. ArcPro has been touted to me as a product whose performance is significantly better than AcrMap. Yeah, right.
Does anyone else have this problem with Pro? There is some suggestion (very subjective) that Pro performance gets worse with time. Since I have no intention of continually firing it up and waiting 15+ minutes with a stopwatch I am certainly not going to expend any effort to quantify that.
Rob Stevens, NSW Corp.