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Performance Comparison: Large Scale OD Matrix Summarizing versus Closest Facility

Question asked by AndrewsColeL on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2019 by jsandhu-esristaff

Hoping the network analyst experts can give an opinion of best approach in terms of speed and performance.


Use case is a fairly large number of origins and destination. End result is we need to know the closest facility in minutes/miles, if there is a facility within 60 minutes. If closest facility is outside of 60 minutes, that's all we need to know (do not need to know minutes/miles for these). Do not need to return any route geometry, strictly tabular. Estimate there are 350k origin points, and 10k destination points.


I recognize ODCM runs faster than CF. Given the volume of origins and destination, would the fastest option be to run ODCM with a cutoff at 60 minutes, then run summary statistics on the table to find the minimum travel time value for each origin ID (since there will be tons of duplicates within the ODCM output table)? Or, would CF not take much longer than ODCM since there's no summary statistics required?


What's a general ballpark of how long it would take to run either scenario given Pro installed on a machine, input data stored locally in a GDB?