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Editing feature services in ArcGIS for AutoCAD

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2018

Does ArcGIS for AutoCAD use the same sync operation that is used for committing edits to a feature service after conducting disconnected editing (like what occurs in Collector for ArcGIS)?  


We are experiencing issues when syncing edits after performing disconnected editing against a feature service using Collector for ArcGIS and have been unable to remedy that issue yet.  It seems that it's likely an issue with our firewall so were are working to fix this.


The reason we're wondering if AutoCAD also uses a similar process to commit edits is because we have been conducting tests of editing feature services in ArcGIS for AutoCAD.  When we attempt to sync our edits in ArcGIS for AutoCAD we get an error message and are unable to commit the edits to the feature service.  We were wondering if the issues could be related.