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How can I use highDPIScaling in AppStudio?

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2018
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Hi AppStudio Team!


Lucas Danzinger was super helpful yesterday and answer my question over on ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt. He helped me find an example in the ArcGIS Runtime Samples and run it in AppStudio. In the process, we discovered this example requires ArcGISExtras to set the scaleFactor. Lucas had me remove both the ArcGISExtras import and the scaleFactor variable that was set using System.displayScaleFactor. He said that wasn't needed anymore.


At the end of our conversation, he mentioned Qt introduced automatic scaling a few releases back. To use it, you need to set a value in C++. He wasn't sure how that would work in AppStudio, but suggested that I ask the question here. So here I am.


Can you please help me understand how to use highDPIScaling in AppStudio?