GeoEvent - Not registering already existing features

Discussion created by kamillhh_NTNU_2018 on Dec 19, 2018
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I have three feature layers I have Incorporated into GeoEvent services.


1) Point layer called "ex1"

2) Point layer called "ex2"

3) Polygon layer called "buffer"


In one geoevent service I create a buffer around points in ex1 when a attribute value is changed to "true". This creates buffers only around ex1 points with value "true".

These buffers are created in the polygon layer "buffer" and features in this feature layer are imported as geofences with a synchronization rule (1 second interval).




A point in ex1 and a point in ex2 exists already. The value in the ex1 point is changed to true, and a buffer is automatically created. Thereafter I am trying to filter the points based on a spatial filter that defines whether the ex2 point is inside any buffer polygons - filter: "ex2 GEOMETRY INSIDE ANY buffer-geofence/.*"

Then, a field calculator is applied to the geoevents from ex2 which are inside any of the buffer geofences. 


However, the service does not register already existing points from ex2, even though I have "Get Incremental Updates" set to "false" which should (as I have understood) poll all features with refresh interval of 10 seconds. So the calculation is only applied if I place a new point inside the buffer polygon. 





RJ Sunderman