Survey 123 and Locators

Discussion created by rmcculley on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by Philip.Wilson-esristaff

I'm trying to create a Survey 123 application to use in the browser, but how Survey 123 works with our organizations locators isn't consistent between the browser and the Android app.


We have three locators setup for our organization, none of witch are the ESRI World locator.  All three are hosted on our ArcGIS Enterprise instance. The three locators work exactly as expected in ArcGIS Online, and the Survey 123 Android application.  They do not work as expected when using Survey 123 in the browser.  Our planned main source of entry for this project was in the browser, but if we can't get the locator issue sorted, it isn't going to work for us.


The first problem is that Survey 123 in the browser always seems to include the ESRI World Locator, and it defaults to the ESRI World Locator. The second problem is that the search shows suggestions from all of the locators, but if you select one of the suggestions from one of our locators, there is always no result.


In our ArcGIS Online map, and the Survey 123 Android app the locators work as expected.  The ESRI World Locator is not used, and there are no suggestions from the ESRI World Locator.  When one of the suggestions is clicked, the map zooms to the proper location.


Is there any way to get Survey 123 in the browser to properly respect our locator settings, and properly utilize our locators?