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Data Reviewer in Python -- Is it possible to create a Data Reviewer batch job file .rbj in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by Lapoutra on Dec 18, 2018

I am the process developing a feature class QC framework and started looking into data reviewer. My wrapper will be in Python and I would like to use the data Reviewer functionalities. I have come across a few posts ( How to run Data Reviewer outside of ArcMap  ) mentioning some challenges there. My understanding is that it can only go though a batch job command in Python. For example:


However, when going through the ArcGIS Pro tutorial and documentation for Data Reviewever, I only saw the possibility of importing pre-existing batch jobs (creating in previous versions) but does not mention the possibility of creating batch jobs in ArcGIS Pro ( ). 


My questions:

- How to run Data Reviewer rules or batch jobs via arcpy 3.6?

- Can we create Data Reviewer batch files in ArcGIS Pro, or is that functionality discontinued?