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ArcGIS Server upgrade from 10.60 to 10.61 failed

Question asked by juha.haanperaesri-fi-esridist Employee on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by ZKhan-esristaff

Hi Guys,



We have been upgrading our customers ArcGIS Enterprise platform from 10.60 to 10.61 version. Portal version upgrade went well, but the server update was broken. Servers run a 2018 Windows operating system.


After installing 10.6.1 to the ArcGIS server it opens a web browser (IE11). Then it asks to continue on server upgrade process. After running few minutes, around 3-5 it stops and says step 2 of 2 failed.


We do not yet know what caused the problem. Have any other similar error messages come up with the update?
Error message

Thanks in advance for you're tips how to proceed and fix the problem.


Regards, Juha