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How would Story Maps work with 3D content? Would people use it?

Question asked by thomas.flynn on Dec 18, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by OEvans-esristaff

Hi everyone! My name's Thomas Flynn, I work as the Cultural Heritage Lead at - if you've not heard of us before, Sketchfab is a platform to host, view and share 3D models. There are over 3 million models on the site and over 2 million registered users.


I work primarily with the hundreds of museums, libraries, archives, universities, schools and labs to help them create and share 3D. Check out the some of 70,000+ 3D models in the Cultural Heritage & History category for an idea of what people and institutions are already sharing.


Anyway, I was asked by a curator from the British Library about how to add 3D to Story Maps; if it was possible. I'd not heard of Story Maps before but having tried some of the examples on the project's home page, I love what you can do with it!


The long and short of it:

For Story Maps staff: How might Sketchfab go about being supported on the platform? I see that Flickr and Youtube are already supported for image and video and Sketchfab has some solid embed options (including via oEmbed) as well as an extensive API. Feels like some good things might be possible!


For Story Maps users: how useful do you think 3D could be in creating and telling stories? Maybe your institution already has 3D on Sketchfab or it could be a great addition to a story you already have online. All. Feedback. Welcome.  


Happy to answer any questions too.