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Share as Web Layer pane missing DATA section

Question asked by valraa on Dec 18, 2018

I am trying to Share a multipatch FC to a Portal for ArcGIS (10.6.1) from ArcGIS Pro (2.2.4) by right clicking on the layer in the Contents Pane -> Sharing... -> Share as Web Layer.

I can choose whether to reference the registered data or copy all data to my hosting server. Everything is ok and publication works.

However, when I switch active Portal to another one (version is different, it's a 10.5), trying to do the same fails with a generic "Failed to publish web layer" error.


The thing is, I cannot see the DATA section in the "Share as Web Layer" Pane, and I think this might be the problem.

Here is what I see from my Portal for ArcGIS:

And here is what I see from the other Portal for ArcGIS:

Any idea why this is happening? Might this be the actual problem of the generic error?

In the Server manager, I also see this: