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Cache status is not displaying

Question asked by Jonathan.Klausner on Dec 18, 2018

Hi everyone,


I am beginner to ArcGIS server. Currently I am working on publishing an image service of a large area to an ArcGIS server (I'm not admin). So yesterday I published this smaller size image service test (I used the ArcGIS Online tiling scheme (screenshot) and chose mixed tile format) to the server and it gave me a message that it ran successfully, but when I tried to display it with ArcMap it was showing a blank page. I figured it is because the cache is still building because when I right clicked the service on TOC, and unchecked the enable cache view mode, the image was displaying. So today I opened the service in ArcMap again, and this time the image is displaying, but when zoomed in to the medium scales there are areas that are very blurry. In contrast, the larger scales (1:200), display normally. In the service's cache directory I noticed that there aren't any more tiles being created so I used the Manage Map Server Cache Tiles to try and create the missing tiles. The issue is that the tool is running, but when I check the cache status it is showing that 0.0% of the tiles are present and Tile generation is not in progress.

I also have to mention that the cache directories are not located on the server but in a different location (does it have to do?).


The fact that cache status is not displaying is a big issue for me because when I will publish the large image service (LA County extent), I will need to know the cache status as it will probably take few days to build. Any suggestions to how make the cache status appear? or how to build the cache for a very large area? Thanks!