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Unable to collect a new feature on Android phone in Collector

Question asked by ndenecour_BuckeyeArizona on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2018 by ndenecour_BuckeyeArizona

Some collector maps will not allow for the collection of new features ('+' missing completely) and no data is shown on the map when using my Android work phone, but the same maps work properly on my iPhone. Other users on my team have Androids and all their maps are working perfectly. The maps that I am having issues with are shared as a feature service through our ArcGIS Server. I contacted IT within our organization  and they thought it could be a bug within the Android software, but I wanted to see if it could possibly be an issue with the SDE/feature service. These maps have been working properly for months and suddenly stopped working. Hoping someone might have some insight or had a similar problem.