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Says I'm not connected but when I request permission it says I'm the administrator.

Question asked by mcdowellsonoran on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2018 by jbeaton-esristaff

I'm having trouble installing Pro because when I try to log into AGOL I get a message saying the username isn't connected to my organization (even though it's our AGOL admin username/password). When I look at our ArcGIS account, the username/password are shown as a member.


But some message said this name wasn't connected to "our organization" and go to My ESRI. So we asked permission to connect the username to My ESRI and were told we had that permission automatically as the administrator, i.e., presumably the username already was "connected". But next time we tried to install Pro, the whole thing happened again.


What are we doing wrong? We're caught in a loop we can't escape from!


Thanks for any help.##