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Drone2Map 3D: What am I looking at?

Question asked by huffmanp on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2019 by huffmanp

I ran my first 3D analysis on a Drone2Map project, and I can't figure out what I am looking at.


In Drone2Map,  why does the 3D Mesh appear to be about 100m in the air above the background imagery surface?  Why are some of the drone photo blue dots and the connecting flight lines seem to be at the surface of the base surface?  Are these the photos that just contained only water so they couldn't be placed?  Or are these the photos that couldn't be tied to the ground control points?


I tried looking at my D2M project in Pro. Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-12-14 12.20.53.png 

Same questions about the photo locations, and the flight paths.  But why are the two elevation surfaces not showing up?  One was the GISPro default World Elevation 3D,  while Topovector.GIS.midcoldem10m is my own 10m DEM in this area.  The scene stuff in Pro is new to me.


The 2D runs on this drone flight worked out pretty good in Drone2Map.  But this 3d stuff has me puzzled.