Not receiving emails

Discussion created by piper18 on Feb 20, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2011 by jbarry-esristaff
Is there a place I have to set something to receive email notifications of a new post to a topic I'm subscribed to. I have my correct email address set when I first signed up in the ESRI global account and there is no spam blocking on my email  account. In the user control panel I have it set so I receive email instantly when a new post is made but never get a email. What Am I missing.

Another problem I'm finding is that I have to keep logging in every day. Is there a way to keep yourself logged in if you use the same computer.

Also When I respond to post when I'm not logged in and am redirected to login, after that I'm not redirected to the post I wanted to respond to. I see this was suppose to be corrected but It still is for me.