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Survey123 Child Survey not reading domains from Parent FC to populate relevant answers. Ideas?

Question asked by sean.lavallee on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by BArmstrong-esristaff

I have a survey with relevant based on a type of facility. The domain's match for the parent and child FC where the domain would be pulled into the survey to give certain questions based on the facility type. I am noticing the relevant code block does not work for autopopulated answers. I have to choose the facility type rather than pull it from the parent and have the relevant questions populate for me. Is this something that will be addressed? Am I missing something?

The Child Table reads the domains but the relevant "Code" will not activate unless done manually. Suggestions?



The field, type, and length are all the same as well as the domains. If I remove the domain from the parent it will work, but I'd like to keep it for the field users.