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Dropbox and Google Drive Implementation to Quick Report App

Question asked by icer182 on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by icer182

Hi Esri AppStudio Team,


I have received some comments from users of my TURT and RASTR applications suggesting that it would help to add Dropbox or Google Drive extensions in the addPhotoPage so that if photos are taken with an actual camera, it would be easy to access these photos. Currently, users need to transfer the photos from their camera to their computer and then from their computer to their phone before uploading. However, users in the marine realm and those collecting data for scientists out in the field and may only have a camera with them at the time can easily upload photos to a dropbox or google drive account that they can then immediately have access to on their phones without having to do another transferring step. Reviewers of a manuscript I have just submitted describing the use of citizen-science data for biological information have also suggested that multiple transferring steps for photos may be too complicated for citizen-scientists and may turn them off to logging sightings. I think that the implementation of Dropbox and Google Drive will help to address these issues and may make users of all apps in all kinds of settings more inclined to log information. Of course the standard camera and photo roll options would still be available for those who are able to capture photos or videos directly from their phones. Please consider adding these options into the next update to AppStudio. Siddesh Pillai Nakul Manocha Liwei Gao Sathya Prasad 

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