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Datum Conflict & Watershed Model

Question asked by DougHaller on Dec 14, 2018
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Thanks and maybe there are two questions in this situation. I am not sure if the datum conflict is causing the unexpected watershed model or if there is something else I am doing wrong in the process.


In the process of creating a watershed for a lake, see images, I received the datum conflict warning 001003. Reading notes on the warning, it would appear that it can be ignored that always or only in some processing situation? Ignoring the warning, I continued the watershed modeling steps and on two occasions the watershed extends beyond/downstream of the pour point I placed at the lake outlet; see image. 


What is causing the watershed to extend beyond the pour point? My understanding is that all the watershed should define a surface that flows into the lake and therefore all the water in the watershed would flow out the lake at the downstream point/pour point.