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Distortion in geoevent store latest polygons

Question asked by on Dec 14, 2018



I’m running into a problem where the shape of the polygons in the store-latest is distorted and different to the stream service output.


The polygons are created from points using the buffer creator in EPSG 28992 (Dutch projection) and then reprojected to WGS (4326). This projector is directly connected to output ‘Send Features to a Stream Service’ which is configured with a store latest in the output.


The interesting thing is that the circles of the stream service are perfectly circular. The output of the store latest however, is oddly distorted. It looks like the polygons are repojected, rounded and reprojected to WGS before entering my database, but I cannot think of a reason why it would do so. The data in already distorted in the database, but it has as many decimals as the polygons in the stream service. So the distortion occurs somewhere between the output and the actual storing of the data.


Note that the larger circle contains as many points in the feature service as in the stream service. The smaller circles are reduced from 90 points to 5 only. If I use point geometry in the output stream there is no difference in x and y at all.


Anyone any clue if I missed a setting, or if this is a bug? Any help would me much appreciated.


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I’m using Geoevent 10.5.1