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Select_one_external empty on items.csv update

Question asked by brian.brown_worldview on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by rdemunnikesri-southafrica-esridist

Testing this against S123 Connect I have a need to update the options of a select_one question with new data on a daily interval. The data in this select_one doesn't have any need for a choice filter, it's only a hundred or so items with distinct, well known names and an autocomplete appearance for the question will suffice.


Since the documentation specifies a select_one_external must have a choice filter I've taken a round about approach for creating a hidden question with a default value to use as the choice filter.

When I open the survey in Survey123 Connect, the dropdown for the question works normally.

However, if I go into itemsets.csv in the media folder and make any modification to the csv, such as deleting a row, the dropdown breaks (I leave the csv open on refresh so it won't be overwritten by Connect on refresh).

The same behavior occurs if the survey is published and I update the survey media folder in python as ESRI described in how to update the media folder.


I've tried a couple different modifications to no success:

  • Default or calculation on hidden question
  • Different data types, e.g. string vs int
  • Changing hidden question to a normal question with the value stored in the feature service

I also tested with a normal cascading select and the issue does not occur, seems like it's a problem with the choice filter on a question with a default/calculation.


Is this a bug or is there another approach I could take to get the options update (without having to manually republish the survey through S123 Connect)? I'd prefer not to dig through S123 connect to figure out how to publish programmatically, since updating the media folder is pretty easy/straightforward with code out there to use.