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Is it possible to convert a tile cache into a MapServer cache?

Question asked by jjohnson_washoe on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by jjohnson_washoe

I have a county-wide mosaic dataset (imagery sources from multiple dates) from which I have created a tile cache.  I have added the tile cache to an MXD and I want the service I share from this MXD to draw "Using tiles from a cache" rather than "Dynamically from the data".  Is it possible to convert the tile cache into a cache that the map service can use?  Or are tile caches and mapserver caches two completely different animals that don't inter-operate, despite the fact that they share identical directory structures?


ArcGIS 10.6.1.  I do not have Image Analyst extension nor have we implemented Portal yet.