Recap: Negotiation Lean-In session

Discussion created by RLehman-esristaff Employee on Dec 14, 2018
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Today we have another lean-in circle!


I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect back on our session two weeks ago about negotiations. Thank you to everyone who participated. We had some really insightful conversations, watched some great video clips, and practiced negotiation with our peers.  We learned that bias hurts women in negotiations, and what we can do to counter it.


1. There is always a chance to negotiate, and employers are actually more impressed by candidates who do negotiate!

2. Make the first offer, it will give you the upper hand.

3. Approach a negotiation with positive emotions, a "yes" mentality, and you will get a better deal.

4. Think about negotiating as finding a solution that works for everyone, a win-win.

5. Practice at home or with a friend so you are ready to take on the negotiation.


There is so much more to cover on this topic (there is even another section on the lean-in website about it!) so I hope we can continue this discussion about negotiation, and also a more encompassing conversation about the gender-pay gap.