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Why doesn't ArcGIS Pro recognize the new default geodatabase?

Question asked by rflannery.rkk on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2018 by rflannery.rkk

This issue has been going on since I first started using Pro. When I create a Pro Project, it will automatically create a gdb with the project name. When I go to add another gdb in the "Databases" folder in Catalog, and right click and select "Make Default" on the newly added gdb, ArcPro is still trying to export everything to the gdb created with the project file. I have tried saving the project and exiting, as well as restarting my computer, and Pro still tries to send every single export to the non-default gdb.


I.e. I create a new pro project named "Alpha", and a gdb named "Alpha" is automatically created to go along with the project file. When I add another existing gdb called "Bravo" and designate it as the default gdb (such that a home symbol appears over it) Pro is still trying to send everything to Alpha even though it should no longer be the default gdb.


Any suggestions? I'm running 2.2.4.