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Adding a "Zoom to" ability pop-ups in Story Maps

Question asked by wargoc@oregonstate.edu_OSUGISci on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by wargoc@oregonstate.edu_OSUGISci

I have a map that includes both county and tract level data: at larger scales only the county layer is visible and when you zoom in to the county-level the tract layers are visible. When I embed the map in a Story Map and click on a county there is no "Zoom to" hyperlink as there is on a standalone ArcMap; I want to recreate this hyperlink within my pop-ups so a user can click on a county then zoom to and center on that county to see the tract level information when viewing the map within a story map. I'd also like to add a hyperlink to tract level pop-ups allowing users to return to the map's extant, without having to manually scroll out again.


Are there ways to configure the pop-up box to provide a link within a pop-up for zoom in/out when the map is within a story map? Listing all the counties in the text box would take up too much space.